Vista Keto ACV Gummies Reviews – Get Unbelievable Result!

Vista Keto ACV GummiesA supposed magical diet promises quick weight loss without exercise – but what is really behind the diet fruit gums?

A supposed magical diet promises a whopping 6.5 kilo weight loss in just two weeks – and all without any exercise. The corresponding advertising reaches hundreds of thousands and raises hopes of a simple solution to losing weight. But what is really behind this diet lie?

The questionable components of diet fruit gummies

In advertising, the fruit gummies are touted as a supposed miracle cure that is said to contain iodine, zinc, pantothenic acid, folic acid and a number of vitamins (A, D3, B6, B12, C and E) to support the weight loss process. However, a study commissioned by the newspaper “Bild am Sonntag” shows that these substances are only contained in very small quantities – so small that the fruit gums are not even allowed to be advertised under EU law. An expert from the Berlin Consumer Center therefore speaks of consumer deception and emphasizes that the product has no slimming effect whatsoever

Fake studies and made-up experts

The company “Vista Keto ACV Gummies“, on the other hand, advertises with alleged studies and a four-person team of researchers that are supposed to prove the effectiveness of their products. A pure lie. Research by the newspaper shows that the alleged scientists and experts do not even exist.

One example is Martina Bader, whose real name is Eliana Maciejewska and who lives as a housewife and mother in Poland. She admits that the company was only looking for influencers to take photos with their products.

Opaque corporate network

The trail of dubious diet fruit gums first leads to Malta to the company “Naturlife Ltd”, which is named as the manufacturer. However, this phantom company is not registered in the local commercial register. A “SB Venture Media Group”, also in Malta, is also involved.

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The company is even represented in the Seychelles – at least with a mailbox that it rents for 399 euros per year. It seems that those behind the “Vista Keto ACV Gummies” have made themselves thin – in contrast to their diet gummies.


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