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Is distilled water safe to drink?

Every household has heard the myth regarding the dangers of using distilled water. We compare the distinction to tap water.

Distilled water: what is it?

There are no minerals or trace elements in distilled water. It is created by heating water and is 100% pure H2O. The water vapor that is ascending is caught and gathered. You obtain distilled water if the steam condenses.

Is it bad to consume distilled water?

Many people think that drinking distilled water can be both energizing and purifying. But that’s not accurate. The minerals and trace elements found in water are essential to the body.

For a very long period, this was also believed. One theoretical argument even suggested that consumption might result in instantaneous death. It is stated that when human cells come into contact with distilled water, a process known as osmosis might cause the cells to burst because they are attempting to make up for a deficiency of minerals and consequently absorb too much water.

That theory is sooo… In actuality, though, food very seldom comes into intimate contact with the body’s own cells. Distilled water is combined with other liquids to make up for the deficit during the digestion process.

Contact with the cells happens just then, therefore there aren’t many issues to be concerned about. Therefore, you don’t need to contact for an ambulance right away if you unintentionally consume distilled water.

Life-threatening does not equate to harmful to health.

Drinking water devoid of minerals is not fatal, but it can still be bad for your health. The human body need minerals. This is the reason you shouldn’t drink distilled water for an extended period of time. If not, indications of deficiencies could appear. On the other hand, you should be wary of theories that suggest drinking distilled water is beneficial.

For what purpose is distilled water used?

Drugstores and supermarkets carry distilled water. It is required in private homes, among other places, for humidifiers, automobile windshield washer systems, iron water tanks, and cleaning.


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