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Drosten warns of a growing threat to monkeypox

monkeypoxChristian Drosten alerts people to a potential pandemic of monkeypox, or Mpox. He takes historical lessons to heart, and the WHO is also on board.

Christian Drosten, a virologist, issued a warning some months ago about the monkeypox virus’s growing menace. Experts previously believed there was little chance of the virus spreading after the first illness cases were reported in Germany last year. The virologist notes that although the pathogen is not very active right now, this could change.

Concerned is the World Health Organization

The scientist looks to the past for guidance. The virologist told the Funke media group’s newspapers that smallpox virus infections started out mildly and got worse as they adapted to humans.

Concerned is also the World Health Organization (WHO). One of the three animal viral illnesses that the organization identifies as perhaps the most harmful to humans is mpox. She suggests keeping a close eye on the infection. Rosamund Lewis, a WHO expert on monkeypox, told the dpa that a virus strain may be considerably harder to contain in three years.

The Mpox virus was only known to exist in a few African nations up to 2022. Last year, though, it spread quite swiftly. Since the start of 2022, the WHO has recorded approximately 91,000 cases of illness in 115 different countries. The organization reports that 157 people have died thus far. On May 7, 2022, Great Britain announced the first case in Europe. Even now, the virus is still considered a global health issue.

Infections can alter

The fact that it has left its ecological niche in Central and West Africa is concerning, according to Sylvie Briand, director of pandemic and epidemic preparedness for WHO. In light of this, the virus may alter and spread more readily among vulnerable populations, including young children and expectant mothers.


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