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Most Countries is experiencing a cold wave

coldThere’s a lot of sniffling and coughing going around right now, whether it’s a traditional cold or Corona. This is also supported by data from the Robert Koch Institute.

The traditional cold season is autumn. Many folks appear to be experiencing coughs and colds once more right now. Furthermore, the current numbers in the Robert Koch Institute’s (RKI) weekly report confirm this, thus this is by no means an arbitrary observation.

The article states that during the week of October 16–22, 2023, there were 8,000 cases of acute respiratory illnesses per 100,000 people, up from 7,000 cases the week before. For contrast: The incidence in the same period during the pandemic’s peak periods was 3,428 in 2020 and 6,088

According to the research, this year’s figures are higher, especially for children under the age of 14 and adults between the ages of 35 and 59. But among the elderly, the figure was constant.

Most common cold viruses

In an interview with t-online, virologist Alexander Kekulé had already forecast that a fall wave of colds would hit Germany: “I anticipate an autumn wave of respiratory infections to start now.” Not just from Covid, but also from common cold viruses, influenza, and RSV.” Go here to read the entire interview.

Germans were primarily afflicted by typical cold viruses in October (43 percent of reported respiratory ailments), with the coronavirus accounting for 30 percent of cases. 13,130 instances of COVID-19 were reported during the week of October 16–22, 2023, as opposed to 12,900 cases during the previous week. As to the research, there has been a resurgence of corona cases since July.

Nonetheless, as RKI President Lars Schaade told “Zeit Online” two weeks earlier, population immunity to the coronavirus is high. He “tends not” anticipate that government corona measures will be required come wintertime. Even those in risk groups ought to receive the viral vaccination.

Why is it that people are sicker these days?

According to the RKI report, the overall number of respiratory illnesses is in the “upper range of the pre-pandemic years.” There are a number of reasons why more people catch colds in the fall and winter. One the one hand, the cold frequently weakens the immune system already. Furthermore, people are spending more time in enclosed spaces, frequently with a large number of others, like in an open-concept workplace or a grocery store.

The mucous membranes are also impacted by the heated air, which dries them out and impairs immunity. What then offers the best protection? It’s crucial that you wash your hands.


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