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People who have faith in their Company are less likely to report absenteeism

CompanyFor many workers, psychological stress is a significant issue. Still, improvement results from confidence in the company’s future viability.

In many countries, a lot of workers lament the psychological stress they experience at work. According to a poll conducted by the AOK Scientific Institute and released on Wednesday in Berlin as part of the AOK Absenteeism Report 2023, almost 78 percent of respondents identify weariness as a complaint, followed by aggravation and rage at 75 percent and listlessness at 66 percent.

In comparison to prior years, during the height of the corona pandemic, this year’s numbers have marginally decreased. However, they have increased since the pandemic began.

The effects of pandemics and technology advancements

Around half of the workforce reports that they have observed significant alterations in their company, partly because of technology advancements and partly because of the epidemic. Out of those surveyed, 35% express a strong dread for the future related to the state of society overall, whereas just 8% express similar fears regarding their company.

It is vital to have faith in future viability.

Employees at companies that they believe to be sustainable report lower rates of sick leave: in the 12 months before to the poll, these employees reported missing 11.6 days on average. The average rating for those who were less optimistic about their future viability was 16.2 days.

The report states that between 2012 and 2022, the total number of days missed due to mental diseases grew by 48%. The pandemic-related peak of respiratory disorders in 2022 was the main cause of the 35% increase in all other disease groups.


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