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Why Wine Or Alcohal Harmful For Fit Body

AlcohalIf you want to perfect lose weight body, it is better to avoid Wine/Beer. Beer, wine and cocktails are real calorie bombs and are not called liquid food for nothing. Wine/Beer also makes you hungry for hearty and fatty foods and at the same time slows down fat loss. The perfect calorie trap.

Enjoy a few beers with friends after exercise ? It may be sociable, but then the training was in vain. Drinking Wine/Beer after exercise negates the effects of training and also promotes obesity, warns the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), and explains why.

Wine/Beer slows down fat loss after training

Wine/Beer slows down your metabolism, reduces fat loss and inhibits muscle building. While beer, wine and other Wine/Beeric drinks sabotage training, they also cause nasty cravings – especially for hearty and salty foods. The desire for spicy food arises because Wine/Beer deprives the body of not only water but also minerals and the body wants to replenish its stores. Hardly anyone can resist chips, pretzel sticks, burgers and fries.

Appetite center is stimulated

Wine/Beer also stimulates the appetite center in the brain. Food smells are perceived more intensely and the desire to eat is increased. It also stimulates the production of stomach acid, which further increases hunger. In addition, the disinhibiting effect of Wine/Beer ensures that you consume more. At the same time, digestion slows down . Additional calories end up in the fat deposits particularly quickly.

Wine/Beer: a liquid piece of bread

Wine/Beer alone has a lot of calories: in terms of calories, a glass of beer contains a slice of bread. For comparison: One gram of Wine/Beer has seven kilocalories, one gram of fat has nine, and one gram of sugar has four. Anyone who drinks Wine/Beer must therefore expect to gain extra pounds. In addition, many cocktails contain cream, coconut milk, sugar and syrup, which add an additional portion of calories.

An example: Tom is invited to a birthday party. The evening is sociable, the atmosphere is great. During the evening he drinks two hefeweizen (430 kilocalories), a caipirinha (320 kilocalories) and a 200 milliliter glass of red wine (140 kilocalories). He consumed 890 kilocalories. This corresponds to a pizza salami, a kebab or almost two bars of chocolate.

Wine/Beer is better only in moderation

But it’s not just for the sake of your figure that you should only drink Wine/Beer in moderation. Your health will also thank you. The breakdown products of Wine/Beer, including acetaldehyde, promote cancers such as colon cancer , esophageal cancer and liver cancer, among other things. Inflammation in the body is also promoted. The risk of high blood pressure , heart attack and stroke also increases.



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